Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

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Duration: Upto 14 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

This course aims to give delegates the opportunity to examine the various means to assess the operational and financial performance of their organizations as well as their competitors, suppliers and clients.

Ensuring that the basics are in place, this course will quickly go on to look at some of the more advanced ratios for assessing the financial health of an organization – both from an internal perspective as well as an external ‘asset valuation’ perspective.

We will consider industry-specific ratios during the course and consider what information they give us. Delegates are encouraged to bring with them the financial statements of their own organizations, their competitors, their suppliers and/or their clients to ensure that the concepts covered can be applied to their own specific companies.

The course is essential for all those who have to read, understand and analyze financial statements. The tools and techniques you will gain from this highly informative course will be easily transferable to the workplace, enhanced through a combination of interactive case studies, exercises and examples.

Course Content

✓  Understanding money

✓  The role of banks

✓  The financial statements

✓  Stakeholder analysis

✓  Core financial analysis

✓  Shareholder analysis

✓  Altman Z scores

✓  DuPont analysis

✓  OFF balance sheet

✓  Cash flow

✓  Cost of capital

✓  Credit risk assessment

✓  Asset valuation

✓  Building the business case

✓  Enterprise value

✓  Investment analysis

✓  5 keys to valuation

✓  Lending decisions

✓  Industry-specific ratios

✓  Why not rely on ratios


Who Should Attend?

✓  Accountants

✓  Evaluation Officers

✓  Financial Analysts

✓  Appraisal Executives

✓  Mergers and Acquisitions Officers

✓  Corporate Finance Executives

✓  Project Managers


Benefits of Attending

1. Focus on the assessment of business performance through the analysis of financial statements as well as the valuation of Off-balance sheet obligations and commitments

2. Understand the different approaches for pricing a company’s fair value for a variety of purposes

3. Analyze the different problems and risk variables that a company might encounter via the proper analysis of its financial statements

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