Airport marketing and commercial development strategies

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Duration: 1 Week
Location: United Arab Emirates, Dubai

About the Program
✓ Total duration 1 week
✓ Classroom session
✓ Online 
✓ Self-study distance learning
✓ Entry requirements: – 12 years of schooling and above preferred (A level, 0 Level)

Airport Marketing & Commercial Development Strategies Course in Dubai.
During the course participants study the latest airport marketing practices and commercial trends to effectively market the airport as well as its products and services within the operating area. The course examines airport marketing and communication with their customers, airport sponsors, tenants, airlines, business prospects and community.


Participants learn how marketing fits into the overall strategic plan of the airport to be able to create and execute a Marketing Plan and also identify action plans for the airport development, airport branding, and customer satisfaction.

Akademikka is the training partner of choice of aviation professionals, airlines, airports,  large fleet operators, aircraft manufacturers, aviation schools, aviation leasing companies  the world over. 

Course content
During the course participants will study:
✓ Airport marketing basics according to airport types
✓ Airport marketing plan basics, preparation and execution
✓ Airport operations and organizational structures
✓ Airport commercial development and terminals planning, configurations
✓ Airport funding and income resources
✓ Pricing of airport services and facilities

The course is open to airport sector managers at all levels of various disciplines, planners, market developers, airport business developers and professional entering the airport acitivity sector.

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