Big Data Analytics with R

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AED 9,000

Duration: Upto 5 Days
Location: United Arab Emirates

Hands-on and Practical Big Data Analytics Training in Dubai for Business Application.

Big Data Analytics is an evolving phenomenon just like the IT Revolution was in the 90's. Due to technological advancement, data is being generated digitally like never before. By applying statistical methods to this massive amounts of data or 'Big Data', data analysts are able to conduct data analysis to find trends, patterns, correlation and outliers in their business of interest. Consequently, this translates to determining opportunities and risk ahead of time and making data-driven business decisions that improve business efficiencies, increase profits, mitigate risk and even open up new markets.

Big Data Analytics is a very creative and rewarding field and it is here to stay. Therefore, we have designed hands-on and practical curriculum for our Big Data Analytics Training course for Managers, Decision Makers, Business Analysts, and future Data Analyst and Data Scientist!

Eligibility / Requirements
Participants in this course must have completed our course in ;Or they must demonstrate a good understanding of Statistics by passing an examination prior to course registration. This course heavily relies on Statistical Theory to build Statistical & Big Data Analysis Models. We offer Discount Packages for the prerequisite introductory courses needed to successfully complete this ; Contact our team to know more.


Once you have mastered topics covered in our Big Data Analytics Training Module like Data Exploration, Statistical Modeling, Data Mining & Visualization, Predictive Analytics you can apply your skills in any department in any industries. Data is everywhere and being able to leverage it for business applications is a skill that is very much in demand in today's world of Big Data!

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