Certified Blockchain Professional

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AED 10,000

Duration: Upto 2 Days
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Introduction to Blockchain
✓ Blockchain finally explained
✓ Defining factors of blockchain
✓ Past, present and future of blockchain

Overview of Cryptocurrency
✓ Defining cryptocurrency
✓ Types of cryptocurrency
✓ Overview of leading currencies
✓ Currency trends and figures
✓ Trading of cryptocurrency
✓ Overview of ico - initial coin offer
✓ Blockchain - Deep Dive

Blockchain vs traditional database
✓ Explaining distributed ledger
✓ Overview of cryptography
✓ Keys as identity
✓ Understanding transaction in a distributed network
✓ Peer to peer network
✓ Validation of transactions
✓ Building blocks
✓ Chaining of blocks
✓ Data structure of blockchain
✓ What is smart contract and how it works
✓ Digital tokens
✓ Blockchain ecosystem
✓ Types of blockchain
✓ Mining and Consensus

What is mining?
✓ Who are miners?
✓ How mining works?
✓ Miners resources and rewards
✓ Consensus algorithm
✓ Various consensus mechanisms
✓ Ethereum

Introduction to ethereum
✓ What is ether?
✓ Transactions in ethereum
✓ The ethereum ecosystem and dapps
✓ Introduction to solidity
✓ Ethereum smart contracts
✓ Future of ethereum
✓ Instructor demo of setting up private ethereum network and deploying first smart contract
✓ Hyperledger

Introduction to hyperledger
✓ Hyperledger architecture
✓ Introduction to golang
✓ Chain code
✓ Instructor demo of setting up network and deploying chain code
✓ Overview and comparisons of various blockchain implementations
✓ Overview of various blockchain platforms (ethereum, fabric, sawtooth, multichain, r3, corda, bigchain db)
✓ Comparison of blockchain platforms
✓ Limitations of blockchain
✓ Smart Contract
✓ Real Lifeuse Cases

Use cases from various industries
✓ How blockchain is expected to disrupt government and economy
✓ Live demo of happy coin application (in-house application)
✓ Personal Roadmap around Blockchain

Brainstorming session to facilitate idealization of implementing blockchain in your businesses

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