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Duration: Upto 2 Days
Location: United Arab Emirates

Change management is the people side of business transformation. Change simply does not happen by itself. Change needs to be cohesively and proactively managed. Change management integrates the transition of people, processes and technology from the current ""as-is"" state to a continually unfolding future state.
Change management deeply engages staff, supervisors, managers, and leadership across the organization at all levels of the organization resulting in achieving project objectives and the realization of desired outcomes. Change management is indeed the X Factor in successful and sustainable transformation.


Course Objective
✓ Manage the people side of business transformation
✓ Develop a winning change management strategy
✓ Assess your organization's readiness for change
✓ Create an effective communications plan
✓ Proactively manage resistance to change
✓ Successfully engage staff, management, and leadership
✓ Become a high-performing agent of change


Course Outline
Introduction and Foundation 
✓ What is change management?
✓ Transition vs. transformation
✓ Drivers of Organizational Change
✓ Business functions and processes
✓ The business value of change management
✓ Goals, objectives and success criteria


The Change Management Process
✓ Change is a Process
✓ Change management roles
✓ Scoping change from 360°
✓ The dynamics of organizational culture
✓ Business process change continuum™
✓ The change management roadmap
✓ Agile change management

Ensuring Readiness for Change
✓ Clarity of current vs. future state
✓ Establishing performance metrics
✓ Sponsor and stakeholder engagement
✓ Risk assessment and countermeasures
✓ Training and development planning
✓ Communications planning
✓ Building the case and socializing change


Proactively Managing Change
✓ Being an agent of change
✓ Engaging the change management team
✓ Overcoming resistance to change
✓ Managing the fog of transition
✓ Monitoring and adjusting change
✓ Syncing change with project management
✓ Ensuring sustainability of change

Change Management Case Study

Practical Guidance
✓ Transforming a hero culture
✓ The myth of change by edict
✓ Trending topics
✓ Change management toolkit
✓ Getting Started

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