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Duration: Upto 24 Days
Location: United Arab Emirates

Conducted in a highly interactive environment, focused on real-world challenges, this equips you with the essentials of coaching which will deliver ;One of the Critical aspects of coaching is the ability to transfer knowledge & skills from one person to another. A strong culture of coaching enables your employees to continuously share their ideas with others and improve overall internal processes. Coaching Builds one-on-one relationships and facilitates a process that results in specific improved performance in targeted areas. Coaching is not about power or authority, but it's a process-driven relationship with clear goals and objectives.

Course Objectives
✓ Define what coaching is and explain its role in the workplace
✓ Explain the manager's role in the coaching process
✓ Know when they have created a positive coaching environment
✓ Follow a specific procedure for coaching success
✓ Use coaching communication skills to good effect
✓ Identify coaching opportunities and appreciate which style to use.

Course Outline
✓ The managers' role as a coach
✓ Coaching and training
✓ Qualities of the effective coach
✓ Identifying learning needs
✓ Identifying individual learning styles
✓ Personal learning styles
✓ Identifying barriers to learning
✓ Structuring the coaching session
✓ Setting objectives and targets
✓ Coaching the new team member
✓ Delegation and empowerment
✓ Motivation
✓ Managing the poor performer
✓ Feedback skills
✓ Monitoring performance
✓ Validation and evaluation

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