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AED 2,610

AED 2,900

Duration: Upto 20 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates

Learning Objectives:
At the end of this program, participants will be able to: Learn how to evaluate your firm’s financial and Management performance. Manage growth through the financial andManagement Accounting Reporting. Highlight problem areas to enable solutions to be found.


Learn concrete techniques to enable management to make truly informed decisions. Understand capital investment decisions. Improve your company’s profit picture and your stockholder’s investment. Keep on top of your firm’s financial situation. Increase your own value to your organization.

Reporting will be trained are as follows;
- Cash flow Management weekly and monthly
- Top ten KPI development for the organization
- Product profitability analysis (PPA)
- Customer Profitability Analysis (CPA)
- Break-even chart (Sales & Unit)
- Segmental analysis (Sales by Product, Area and salesperson)
- Master Budget-( Cash, Production. sales, expenses budget)
- Balance scorecard Reporting
- Cash flow vs. revenue analysis
- Staff and machine Productivity (Asset utilization )
- Decision-Making reports, Limiting Factors
- Non-financial performance reporting
- Balance sheet Analysis
- Profit and loss Account Analysis
- Performance Analysis with Ratio
- Job costing, Product Costing
- Costing for Decision Making
- Strategic and Tactical Pricing
- Working Capital Management
- Investment Appraisal Techniques (NPV, IRR, ARR and Payback)
- Many more


Who should attend?
- Accountants, project professionals, budget analysts, vice presidents of finance, controllers and treasurers and Professionals responsible for their firm's financial future.
- CFOs wanting to learn the latest techniques in analysis.
- Controllers responsible for determining where the company is financial.
- Professionals responsible for their company's financial future or those seeking a refresher in analytical techniques-including financial


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