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Duration: Upto 4 Weeks
Location: United Arab Emirates

The General English Courses include 7 levels. Each level lasts for 6 weeks, with two sessions per week.
The courses cover all English language skills, including listening, reading, writing and fluent conversations.
The general English courses adopt modern, communication-centered activities and provide a creative and entertaining environment for effective learning.
The courses are based on motivational English learning methodologies and use a wide range of engaging exercises, audio-visual material, and self-help activities to encourage learners to improve their English language skills.

✓ General English Course provides learners with opportunities to develop the language skills needed for everyday communication.

✓ Learner-centered approach
✓ Vocabulary and grammar for real-life situations
✓ Using audiovisual aids and role plays to encourage learners to participate actively in the classroom and to become more fluent and more confident with their English.
✓ Lessons are interactive, fun, and tailored according to the learners’ needs and interests.

Which level suits you?
We offer General English courses at every level. We have 7 levels from pre-elementary for those with very Basic English
skills right up to advanced level for those who have already mastered many aspects of language.

✓ Pre-elementary
✓ Elementary
✓ Pre-intermediate
✓ Intermediate
✓ Upper-intermediate
✓ Pre-advanced
✓ Advanced
- If you’re a student you’ll need to take a placement test to find out which is the right course level for you.
- Upon completion of the course, the learner takes a final exam to measure his/her proficiency at the level. Upon passing
that final exam, the learner can pass on to the next level and get a certificate showing the completed courses.

✓ Each level (e.g. intermediate, advanced, etc) is made up of 10 lessons that are 2.5 hours long and are held twice a
week. At the end of the course you’ll receive a grade based on your progress in speaking, listening, reading and
✓ There will be some assessed tasks during the course. If you pass, you’ll progress to the next level. If you are not
successful, you can repeat the course. "

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