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AED 650

Duration: Upto 24 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

The courses will tackle;
1) Introduction to the course

2) Basic English language errors

3) How to remove the bad habits from speech and correspondence and make a stronger statement.

4) Grammar and common mistakes

5) Writing correct and simple English and removing the errors from one’s pronunciation.

6) Removing the general misconceptions from English so you can get a better control of speech and writing ability.

7) Wrong English frequently used and how to avoid it.

8) Bad writing and the simple ways of improving language skills.

9) Tautology, Redundancy, Clichés, Oxymorons.

10) The use of imagination: The Greatest Gift to Mankind.

11) Types of Creative Writing:

✓ Fiction.
✓ Film and theatre scripts.
✓ Musical lyrics.
✓ Ad jingles.
✓ Radio scripts.
✓ News commentaries.
✓ Children’s books.
✓ Novels.
✓ Short stories.
✓ Newspaper and magazine writing.
✓ Humor – Become familiar with the use of words.

12) Creative writing: Fleshing characters and maintaining their consistency; this is a confidence booster.

13)  Laughter: writing humor, the ability to make people laugh is the acme of good writing.

14) Sample Speech Writing: writing a speech to be delivered at an international convention and the student is the delegate speaker.

15) Sample Speech Delivery: deliver the speech; public speaking is the essence of confidence building in language improvement.

16) Language Quiz

✓ Spelling bee
✓ Incorrect syntax
✓ Malapropisms – These all be written tests.

17) Creative writing and office work (how to use these newly honed skills in your workplace); office reports, analysis, conference agendas, inferences, precis for easy fact assimilation, bullet point clarity even if you don’t write creative literature you can still write creatively.

18) Campaign: Teams are made and each team has to create an ad campaign for a specific product. Free speech and accent on literal translations into mother tongues and their dangers.

19) Assessment: Written test of two hours on all the above to see what has been absorbed from lessons.

20) Discussion on Test results. Each student talks about the other’s effort. Practical application of the individual’s sense of confidence and improvement in language. Reading recommendations."

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