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Duration: Upto 2 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Self paced course

Software Backgrounder:
Android is a mobile phone operating system coming from Google. It is one of the most popular Mobile Operating Systems in the world racing ahead of Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Apple iPhone. Android is being used as a Mobile Operating System by the Open Handset Alliance which has companies like Sony, HTC, Samsung and Google as partners.

Though Android doesn’t run on Java Virtual Machine but runs on a java like Process Virtual Machine called Android Run Time, Java is used in making applications for Android as ART can run Java based Applications. ART has been introduced with Android 4.4 Kit Kat, prior to KitKat Android used to use Dalvic to run Applications, which is another Process Virtual Machine.

Java is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems and from its initiation days Android has depended heavily upon Java. Java later on has been taken over by Oracle Corporation and certain legal discrepancies has started to grow between Google and Oracle on Googles usage of Java code in building of its Android Platform. As there has been close dependencies between Jave Codes and Dalvic, Android has started using ART as its Process Virtual Machine.

It is to be noted that as ART also can run Java applications, Java is still the preferred programming language of choice by 90% of Android developers.

Applications and Usage:
Android SDK is freely available worldwide for programmers to download and develop their Java based applications and test them in Android mobile like interface. So naturally Java is the medium of choice for Android Application Developers. This course teaches the core concepts of Java that are essentially required for developing Android Aplicatins.

Importance of Android Applications:
Android happens to be the most popular Mobile Operating System in the world today and everyday billions of users are downloading thousands of Applications for their mobile phones. The most famous applications have been downloaded over 10 million times. These downloads generate huge amount of profit for Application Developing companies and Application Developers worldwide. Now any Application Developer in any part of the world can build Eye Catching Applications and upload them in various Android Application marketplaces and start generating revenue from them from App Purchases or subscription services that might be attached with the Mobile Applications.

Though Android uses Android Run Time instead of Java Virtual Machine as a Process Virtual Machine, as ART recognizes Java based Applications, Java is considered the top programming language for developing Android Applications and is the preferred language tool for all Android Application developers. This course teaches the core concepts of Java that are used and recognized by Android SDK and Android Run Time, which can be termed as Java Essentials for Android Application Development. It is a must learn course for developers who want to build Android Applications.

Java for Android Apps Course Description
This 3 hours of intensive lecture on Java Essentials for App Development has been divided into two major sections and 14 sub modules covering every aspect of java application development for Android Mobile Phones. This course has over 11,000 learners. The sections are

Section 1: Java Essentials for Android Apps Development
In this section you will get a detailed overview of Object and Java Class and various Java Variables. You will be given lectures on various methods in Java and Loops and Conditions. In this section you will also learn about Java Arrays, Switch Statements and Lists. You will also get to learn about Sets and Maps in this section.

Section 2: OOPS Concepts and Exception Handling
In this section you will gain knowledge about Java Classes and Access Modifiers. You will also gain detailed understanding of OOPs concepts like Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Abstraction. In this section you will gain detailed insight into the Java basics for Android and how the two are related.

What are the requirements/pre-requisites?
This is an advanced course for computer and software programmers for making of Mobile Phone Applications for Android mobile phones. As this is a Java based tutorial you should of basic working knowledge of Java or any other computer programming language like C or C++.

Target Audience for this training
The target audience for this course are the aspiring mobile phone developers around the world. You can be a Java Programmer or a C or C++ programmer but you can learn this course and start to create cool mobile phone apps. Anyone with basic working knowledge of Java can start learning this course and create eye catching Android Applications.

FAQs – General Questions
I am very new to this course so will it be difficult to learn it?
The course has been designed in such a way that complete novices to Android App creation can take up the course. You do need working knowledge of Java to undertake this course. The course teaches the concepts and technologies from scratch so anyone with a basic understanding of Java can do this course.

 What career can I build after learning this course?
The world has never been so mobile friendly before this decade. This is the decade of the Mobile Phones and the Mobile Apps. There is a growing demand of Mobile App Developers everywhere be it the bigger companies or the smaller ones. Learning this course opens a gateway of opportunity for you. You can work with both Startups and established corporations being an App developer. Not only as an employee but you can make your own Applications and release them to the marketplace.


  Where can the concepts I learned in this training be applied?
The concepts and theories that you will learn in this course will help you to progress in your career as a Mobile Application Developer. The concepts you will get introduced to will also help you to develop Applications for other platforms once you get an idea of how the coding workflow works.


  What is OOPs Concept?
OOPs is the Acronym for Object Oriented Programming. Its main features are Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Aggression, Composition and Association. OOPs Concepts follow a programme agnostic logic.


  What is Android SDK?
Android SDK is the acronym for Android Software Development Kit. It is a software suite for creation of Java based Applications for Android mobile phones. This software suite consists of many software development tools like Debugger, Libraries and Emulator. Android SDK can run on Windows, Mac OSx and Linux.

  What is Dalvik?
Dalvik was the Process Virtual Machine that was used for executing and running Apps in Android till version 4.4, Android Kitkat. In short it helps programmers to run java based programmes in Android.


  What is ART?
ART stands for Android Run Time which is a Process Virtual Machine and a successor to Dalvik from Version 4.4 of Android Kit Kat. Like Dalvik it helps programmers to run Java based Apps in Android.

  What is a Java Virtual Machine?
Java Virtual Machine or JVM is a Process Virtual Machine like Dalvik and ART, but it’s a proprietary software developed by Oracle. The main purpose of JVM is to help in running of Java based software and applications. The three main features of JVM are Specification, Implementation and Instance.


  What is Open Handset Alliance?
Open Handset Alliance is a consortium of world’s leading mobile technology companies whose core mission is to develop Android based mobile phones and develop standards and practices for the same. Companies like Google, HTC, Sony, Dell, Intel, Motorola are part of this alliance.


  What is Android Market Place?
Android Market Place is the market for Android Mobile Phone Applications where Application Developers can register their Mobile Phone Applications and make them available for download to Mobile Phone customers around the world.


  Which are the Leading Mobile App Marketplaces in the world?

The leading Mobile Phone Application Marketplaces are Google Play, Amazon App Marketplace, 1Mobile Marketplace, Windows Store, iPhone App Store."

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