NLP Sales Techniques

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AED 2,500

Duration: Upto 24 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates

Enhance selling skills through NLP sales techniques. This NLP sales training course develops Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to improve client relationships and ultimately achieve greater success at selling.

Course objectives
This Neuro Linguistic Programming course is focused on taking participants' existing sales skills to the next level. Building on their experience as a salesperson and knowledge of the sales process and skills, this course will help participants understand the principles of NLP and how they enhance the selling and buying experience. Participants will be able to utilize tools, NLP sales techniques and models for developing an enhanced rapport with buyers, truly understanding the client's needs and making it easy to sell to them, whilst adopting the mindset and attitude of high performing salespeople.


Course Outline
Introductory exercise
Decoding buy-o-logy: How buyers buy

Building rapport
Building relationships with individuals
Levels of rapport

The buyer's personal buying map
An Insight

Language styles
Visual, auditory, kinesthetic
Matching and mismatching
Recognising the language in others
Selling to individual preferences

Mindset and Techniques that Build Trust
Beliefs and behaviors

Mirroring - Building Trust Non-verbally
Perceptual positions
Stepping into the buyers' shoes

Influencing and selling with integrity
Match, pace, lead

Eliciting the personal buying map
5 steps to eliciting outcomes

Turning a 'no' into a Sales Opportunity
3 step processes for Cashing Objectives
Understanding why Clients object

A 21-Day plan to put it all together


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