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Location: United Arab Emirates

Oracle E-Business Suite
Oracle E-Business Suite is the most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications that enable organizations to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance.

With hundreds of cross-industry capabilities spanning enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and supply chain planning, Oracle E-Business Suite applications help customers manage the complexities of global business environments no matter if the organization is small, medium, or large in size. As part of Oracle’s Applications Unlimited strategy, Oracle E-Business Suite applications will continue to be enhanced, thus protecting and extending the value of your software investment.

Introduction to Oracle E-Business Suite 

✓  CRM Applications Family
✓  Service Management Family
✓  Financial Management Family
✓  Human Capital Management Family
✓  Project Portfolio Management Family
✓  Advanced Procurement Family
✓  Supply Chain Management Family
✓  Three-Tier Architecture Model
✓  Concurrent Processing
✓  Database Tier and EBS Data Model

Installation and Configuration 

✓  Preparing for Installation
✓  Configuring the yum Repository for EBS 12
✓  Oracle EBS 12.2 Stage Directory Structure
✓  Single-Node Installation
✓  Multinode Installation
✓  Post-installation Steps
✓  How to Deal with Failed Installations
✓  Corrupted/Lost Technology Stack Components

Road Map to 12.2 Upgrade 

✓  Preparation of an Oracle EBS 12.2 Upgrade
✓  Upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite: 12.2.0 to 12.2.5
✓  Upgrading from 12.1.3 to 12.2.0
✓  Upgrade Environment Details

Oracle E-Business Suite File System Architecture 

✓  Application Dual and Noneditioned File Systems
✓  Oracle EBS 12.2 Environment Variables
✓  Application Tier
✓  Environment Variables on the Database Tier

Patching Concepts 

✓  Types of the Patches and Deciding the Patching Order
✓  Different Patching Utilities Under Oracle EBS 12.2
✓  Patching WebLogic with BSU (BEA Smart Update)
✓  Patching the Application Tier Oracle Homes & the Database Applying the Applications Patches with the ADOP Utility
✓  Introduction to Online Patching Utility (adop)

Working with the Applications DBA Online Patching Tool 

✓  Working with the ADOP Utility
✓  ADOP Command-Line Parameters and Options
✓  Executing the Patching Cycle
✓  Hotpatch Mode
✓  Downtime Mode
✓  Merging Oracle Application Patches

Managing FMW/WebLogic 

✓  Architecture and Components
✓  Advantages of FMW
✓  FMW Directory Structure in EBS 12.2
✓  Controlling Admin Server
✓  Managed Servers
✓  FMW Control and the WebLogic Console
✓  WLST and Its Typical Usages
✓  Tuning Fusion Middleware
✓  FMW Performance

AutoConfig to Manage EBS System Configuration Changes 

✓  Understanding Configuration Management Tools and Utilities
✓  Running AutoConfig in Preview Mode
✓  Running AutoConfig for Configuration Changes
✓  Rolling Back AutoConfig Configuration Changes
✓  Using AutoConfig for Managing Customizations
✓  Advanced AutoConfig Features and Utilities
✓  AutoConfig and Fusion Middleware Home

SYSADMIN Fundamentals 

✓  Using AD Utilities
✓  Using Application DBA Reporting Utilities
✓  Oracle Application Diagnostic
✓  Working with the SYSADMIN Responsibility
✓  Alert Manager Responsibility
✓  Workflow Admin Responsibility
✓  Working with Oracle Applications Manager
✓  User, Role, and Responsibility Management
✓  Managing Profiles and Profile Levels
✓  Using Printers in EBS

Oracle EBS Concurrent Managers 

✓  Terms Concurrent Requests, Program, and Processes
✓  How the Service Manager Works
✓  Different Types of Concurrent Managers
✓  Concurrent Request Phases
✓  Parent Request and Child Request
✓  Concurrent Requests
✓  Submitting a Standard Concurrent Request
✓  Request Arguments
✓  Upon Completion
✓  Working with Concurrent Request Sets
✓  Managing Concurrent Manager Incompatibilities
✓  Creation of Custom Concurrent Manager
✓  Working with the Specialization Rule and Work Shifts
✓  Parallel Concurrent Processing
✓  ICM in Parallel Concurrent Processing
✓  Service Manager (FNDSM) in PCP

Cloning Oracle EBS Systems 

✓  Using Rapid Clone and Its Options
✓  Prerequisites for a New Clone Environment
✓  Cloning from a Single Node to a Single Node
✓  Cloning from a Single Node to a Multi-node
✓  Cloning from a Multi-node to a Single-Node Clone Using Online Backup
✓  Cloning in RAC-Enabled Systems
✓  Adding Nodes and Configuring Shared APPL_TOP
✓  Post-cloning Steps
✓  Troubleshooting Cloning Issues

Oracle EBS Security 

✓  Configuring SSL/TSL with Oracle EBS
✓  Using a DMZ and Reverse Proxy with Oracle EBS
✓  Using TDE with Oracle EBS 12.2 Database
✓  Users and Password Management in Oracle EBS
✓  Securing the Database and Application Files
✓  Oracle EBS Proxy Users

Engineered Systems 

✓  Exadata Fresh Installation
✓  Exadata Migration
✓  Configuring and Managing EBS 12.2 on Exadata
✓  Benefits of Running EBS on Exadata Systems

Oracle Database Appliance Implementations 

✓  Performance Recommendations
✓  Oracle EBS Performance Tuning
✓  EBS 12.2 Client-Side Performance Tuning
✓  EBS 12.2 Middle Tier Performance Tuning
✓  EBS 12.2 Database Structure and Performance
✓  Initialization Parameters
✓  Table spaces, Data Files, and Redolog Files
✓  EBS 12.2 SQL Access Paths
✓  EBS 12.2 Network Performance Tuning
✓  EBS 12.2 Tuning the Concurrent Processing

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