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Duration: Upto 8 Weeks
Location: United Arab Emirates

The goal of strengthening education in the United States and around the world inspired the College Board to align the SAT with the latest research about what student needs in order to succeed after high school. The changes in the SAT are intended to provide a better, more complete picture of student readiness for college-level work while focusing the test more clearly on the knowledge, skills, and understanding that research shows are essential for college and career readiness and success. In addition, by reflecting the relevant, focused, engaging, and rigorous work offered in the best high school courses taught today, the redesigned SAT creates a stronger bond between the assessment and what students are learning in their classrooms.

The redesigned SAT will be more focused on the few essential things that research shows matter most for college readiness.

More attention on words that students will use throughout their lives
Emphasis on analyzing sources and using evidence to support response
Deep focus on three essential areas of math: Problem Solving and Data analysis: Heart of algebra: Passport to Advanced Math
Reading passages that include one of the Founding Documents of America or a text from the Great Global Conversation they inspire


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