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Duration: 2 Days
Location: United Arab Emirates

There is no denying that a sales process is essential to the organization: having a consistent and measurable way to build revenue streams through new business, ongoing sales and key account management. 

Importantly, the psychology of your sales people is more important than the process or CRM in play in your business. 

At L’Oreal, sales agents selected on the basis of certain emotional competencies significantly outsold salespeople selected using the company’s old selection procedure. On an annual basis, salespeople selected on the basis of emotional competence sold more than other salespeople did. 

New salesmen at Met Life who scored high on a test of "learned optimism" sold 37 percent more life insurance in their first two years than pessimists. 

In short, Sales Emotional Intelligence supports your people, process and systems:
✓ Build better relationships with clients;
✓ Identify meaningful sales opportunities;
✓ Higher sales and profits;
✓ Improved sales performance;
✓ Improved customer satisfaction; and
✓ Greater sales stakeholder engagement

An individual emotional intelligence assessment is to be completed as part of the pre-work for this workshop.

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