Successful Fleet and Transport Management

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Duration: Upto 10 Days
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

This Zoe training fleet and transport management course will empower you with complete understanding of fleet and transport management. Through this course, you will not only manage fleet and transport for your organisation well but also introduce enhancements and positive changes. This course will also equip you to work with various software applications to increase the efficiency and accuracy of fleet and transportation management.

Course Objectives
✓  The main objective of this course is to empower professionals with—
✓  Complete knowledge and understanding of fleet and transport management.
✓  The required skill, confidence and experience to work with various software applications to increase process efficiency and accuracy, contributing to higher roles for career growth.
✓  The knowledge and exposure to audit existing processes of the organisation and make enhancements for overall efficiency and productivity.
✓  The confidence, experience and knowledge to train other professionals on effective fleet and transport management
✓  The required experience and skill to contribute to on-time delivery of raw materials and/or finished products, thus contributing to organisational growth and client satisfaction.
✓  The understanding, exposure and perspective for effective driver and supplier evaluation and selection, thereby ensuring sustainability and consistency in good performance.
✓  The ability to manage risks and address challenges to help seamless transport and movement of material from one stage to another.
✓  The necessary knowledge and understanding to track and improve workshop productivity.
✓  The skill and knowledge to ensure employees safety for fleet and transport management.

Who Should Attend
✓  Top management of an organisation responsible for making critical decisions related to fleet and transport management.
✓  Supplier and other external stakeholders involved in fleet and transport management.
✓  Fleet and transport managers and supervisors responsible for overseeing overall operations.
✓  Maintenance managers responsible for vehicle maintenance for effective transportation.
✓  Safety managers and quality inspectors responsible for ensuring safety and adherence to standards.
✓  Staff performing operations in fleet and transport management.
✓  Any other professional who would like to know more about fleet and transport management.

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