Job Title: PRT English


Type:  Full-time

Experience:  2 to 3 years

Salary:  Not Defined

Education:  Bachelor

  Location:  Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates

Workplace Policy:  Onsite

Posted On:  19/01/2022

Location: Mahadevapura, Bengaluru - India

Experience: Should have 2 - years of experience.
Education Qualification - Graduation with B.Ed.

Grade 1 & 2

An English teacher is responsible for ensuring that students learn proper grammar, writing, and reading comprehension. They are responsible for creating lesson plans that will teach students the skills they need.

  • Create lesson plans for students
  • Grade student essays and tests
  • Ensure that the classroom stays orderly
  • Encourage students to read out loud in class
  • Write progress reports for students
  • Create tests for students
  • Assign essays and homework to students
  • Assign books for students to read


Primary School English Teacher are required to:

  • Upgrade them self with new Trends and Technologies.
  • Be smart and present a positive image of Organization, Colleague and themselves

Primary School English Teacher should be able to:

  • Ability to successfully communicate learning goals and expectations to students and parents
  • Ability to organizing curriculum according to district guidelines
  • Comfortable communicating with large groups of students
  • Driven to educate students of all abilities and backgrounds

Skill Sets required in Primary School English Teacher

  • Maturity, intelligence, energy
  • Diplomacy and tact
  • Outstanding initiative and enthusiasm
  • Moral courage and integrity
  • Patience, resilience and flexibility
  • Strong interpersonal skills