Job Title: Story Teller


Type:  Full-time

Experience:  2 to 3 years

Salary:  Not Defined

Education:  High School

  Location:  Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates

Workplace Policy:  Onsite & Offsite

Posted On:  12/01/2022

Education Qualification - Graduation
Pre-Primary School


  • Research a variety of categories, events of the past, and areas from various sources.
  • Identify specific pieces of content which can be written/created or curated in an innovative way for the masses to consume and relate with Convert the outcome of the research into snacky pieces that can be consumed en masse across various demographies.
  • Coordinate with the design and marketing/product team to better illustrate content and its components.
  • Re-iterate the writing and presentation style based on user analytics for better consumption and acceptability across the user base.
  • Ensure consistency across stories (tone, style, and readability).


  • History buffs who are crazy about trivia, events, and love to re-live the past will be a plus point.
  • Must have previous content writing experience.
  • Having a blog or publication is an added plus.
  • Experience of working with a small and aggressive team is always welcome.