Scotch Permanent Glue Stick 6020-12D, Non-Toxic, Acid-free, 0.69 oz (20gr.). 1 stick/pack

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✓ Scotch Glue Stick is strong, fast-bonding, and no mess. It has been specially formulated to offer high and long lasting adhesive performances. Its formula has been especially developed to provides great adhesive performances on paper and cardboard. Moreover, its texture, designed thanks to new raw materials and new processes, does not clump during use, for a clean and lump-free result.
✓ This adhesive offers strong bonding, and avoids paper wrinkling. Strong and secured bonding on other surfaces, such as wood or fabrics. ✓ Cleans off hands and household surfaces with soap and water. Washes cleanly out of most fabrics.
✓ Non-toxic and water-washable, it can be used by kids. Acid free - Ph above 7.0, conforms to ASTMD-4236

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